Patient Stories

Debbie Stephens, Grand Prix Show Jumping Rider

"How lucky I am to have such a great team lead by Dr. Foster Northrop to not only keep my jumping horses in top vet care but to go one step further being ahead of all other vets to be on the cutting edge of technology to prevent injury to our competetion horses. You cannot win if you cannot play!"

Barb Uskup, Owner Meadow Hill Farm

"For over twenty years, in both my show jumping and polo careers I have counted on Dr. Foster Northrop to keep my horses in top competitive form. I would not have had the successes in both disciplines that I have had without his expertise and support!"

Chrissa F Hoffmann, International Dressage comepetitor and USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist

"There is no other vet I trust more in the world, than Dr. Foster Northrop to take care of my horses. It takes much more than a good horse to get to the International levels of dressage, it also requires an entire team behind you! Foster and his team have helped me reach my dream! Thank you, Thank you!"

Frank Brothers

"Having had a long working relationship with Dr. Northrop his integrity is unparalleled and he's one of the most well-rounded veterinarians that I've been around and in every aspect of the horse. He stays current with all of the latest technology, he's extremely qualified with the newest ultrasounds, but his biggest asset may be that he's one of the best lameness vets in the country. His love for the horse is paramount and obvious in every phase of his diagnostics, especially when diagnosing lameness."

Mary Ann Grant, USDF Gold Medalist

"Dr. Foster Northrop understands and cares for the dressage horse as an athlete."