Detailed lameness and comprehensive exams for your Equine athlete or companion. Addressing issues large and small to keep your horse healthy and performing at their best. Tools to identify common issues include joint flexions, palpation, hoof testers, and diagnostic blocking to confirm or rule out suspected areas.

Portable digital radiology gives instant images of your horse. State of the art technology allows for quick and easy set up to give you superb image quality within minutes.

Focusing on lameness, our ultrasound offers cutting edge technology; excellent image quality and video clips of ultrasound are available. Portable ultrasound enables us to come to you to evaluate your horse and re-evaluate as your athlete heals.

Magna Wave PEMF at Northrop Equine image
Magna Wave PEMF is a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency delivered through a coil placed on your horse by our Certified Practitioner. Magna Wave works to increase blood oxygenation, reduce inflammation and pain, stimulate acupuncture points and promote a happy, healthy horse. Clinical benefits of Magna Wave include relief of muscle soreness and pain, improved performance, increased range of motion, reduced inflammation, and accelerated healing time.


Gastric ulcers are a common medical condition in horses and foals.  Numerous publications have identified that up to 60% of show horses have ulcers and up to 90% of racehorses may develop gastric ulcers. There are many triggers for stomach ulcer development, and stress is an important factor. Horses may experience stress when exposed to situations that you might think of as normal routine such as training, travel, competition, shows or events, or changes in routine such as lay-up due to sickness or injury.

Clinical signs associated with gastric ulcers are numerous and often vague. Typical symptoms include poor performance, poor hair coat, picky eating, and colic.  The diagnosis of gastric ulcers can sometimes be tricky because the signs can be subtle and easy to misinterpret. The gold standard of diagnosis is gastroscopy, which is visualization of the stomach with a 3 meter endoscope.

The application of acoustical shocks to bone or soft tissue to reduce inflammation, pain and promote healing. Can be used to compliment other treatments as well.

An essential tool for examining the respiratory anatomy and function of your horse. Makes identification of sinus, guttural pouch and lung infections possible. Mechanical dysfunctions that may be affecting performance may also be examined.

Northrop Equine has invested in a Mobile Class IV REGENERATIVE Laser to aid in the healing and regeneration of healthy tissue for your equine partner. Take a look at the link and give us a call if you think this therapeutic approach could help your equine partner- we have finally done the research – we’re so excited to share this with our clients.

This Laser is up and running (and we mean running)! We are currently offering introductory prices for all of our packages!


Annual physical exam, vaccination and worming available to keep your horse healthy and protected.

24 hours a day availability for urgent care including colic, injuries, and severe lacerations.